Valge tsiteerib Kirkpatricut, kes tsiteerib Twighti

See akrobaatika kasulik muidugi, aga traditsiooniliseks alpinismiks kummist rohkem kasu. Tsiteeriks veidi Andy't (Kirkpatrick):

Twight said that the fitter you are the harder you are to kill, and this probably more than anything has the biggest effect on your psyche. If you climb technical objectives (rather than cardio ones), then I’d argue that actual fitness was less important than people image, and just being able to climb Scottish V and rock climb Severe in plastics (with some jiggery pockery) will a sack one, and all day, will get you up most ED routes in the alps. What’s important is that you feel as fit as you can be, meaning training hard before you go.

Training for alpine climbing is like no other training, and is best done by pushing yourself as much as possible, and in as many ways as you can. As a starter I’d focus on building stamina (mental and psychical) as well as strength. If I was to set out the best training you could do I’d say it would be a combination of triathlon type training mixed with cage fighting training!

Cold Wars

Extreme Alpinism

Kiss or Kill


Siinkohal on siiski vist juhus Joosu 3D ja Sibul Triatlon, aga äkki saab 2 peale 1 Alpinesti kokku?

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