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Regarding the Accident at the Nevado Tocllaraju (6034 m) at dawn
Sunday June 7, The Association of Mountain Guides of Peru informed the
public opinion the following:
 Approximately 12 noon on June 7, 2015, the AGMP
(Association of Mountain Guides of Peru) received the information provided
German climbers by a group of 04 climbers (from the Republic of
Estonia) had fallen into a crevasse about 20 meters
depth in a section close to the snowy bergschrund Tocllaraju to
about 5900 meters above sea level, this would have happened around 7
Earlier that same day.
 also they said to have approached and called to the fallen climbers on the
crack no response and the depth of it, the
debris of the broken bridge, cold and very likely would fall
 Given this information AGMP assessed the situation and concluded in
send a first group of contact with the likelihood of having even remotely
 At 2 pm on June 7 it went toward the snowy Tocllaraju one
Official group Mountain Guides to reach the point of the accident.
 At 08 am on June 8, 2015 got to the point of the accident. To the
unanswered call from the bottom of the crack of a person’s sex
 As there is still the chance of falling ice bridge rest and at
complex operation took about three hours to remove the crack
survivor, Mrs. Marston Annemai of the Republic of Estonia who
apparently he had injuries in the ribs and several bruises.
 It was found that it was not possible to make visual or auditory contact with the rest
Climbers which lay buried under blocks of ice and snow
product falling ice bridge. The victims were the lords Valge
Allan, Jane Tarmo Riga and Riga mates of the same nationality
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 haberce Not able to find the other mountaineers, the rescue group
AGMP opted to prioritize immediate medical Ms. atension: Marston who
this being evacuated by our rescuer Guides.
 The chances of finding more survivors unlikely.
o have fallen approximately 20 meters and have been buried by
the brash ice and snow of the broken bridge. This situation was narrated
to the survivor.
or not having found nothing after a first styling probes
avalanche, just makes us assume that these people
They found buried under a blanket of ice and snow more than two meters
 Immediately a second group of rescuers of support was sent AGMP
to assist in the transfer of the injured person.
 Mrs. Marston is being evacuated from the crash (5900
m) at the Tocllaraju Moraine Camp (4950msnm) anytime
he will contact the support group that comes up to AGMP
transfer to the city of Huaraz.
The Association of Mountain Guides of Peru, conducted the rescue operation
at the prospect of having live people after the accident. Failure
AGMP have intervened and assuming the deaths of 04 climbers,
so far no one had come to the crash site and rescued
Mrs. Marston, who for lack of aid would have died in the next
AGMP thanked the German climbers who gave the alert, the
guides, porters who participated in this operation.
Central Board of Directors of the GAMP.
Rescue Corps AGMP

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